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20 minutes ago, Dr. Dapper said:

Rick looked at the bartender. He had gone here to be alone, no one ever came here, anymore. 

"I'm not a couple. As you can plainly see. Now, more donuts, please." Rick took a bite out of a donut.

The barman narrowed his eyes and gave more donuts to Rick. “Oh yeah, of course,” he mumbled. He mumbled a lot. “Everyone here’s a couple. You’re just a couple with your donuts. Mumble mumble.” He mumbled.

22 minutes ago, Blessing of Potency said:

Umm, what


The barman hates ruined carpets.


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2 minutes ago, Ark1002 said:

The veiled man kicked the other in the shin. "@#$%! What the hell are you doing you stupid $%^&! These are my @$%@* customers!" He stormed off!

The Barman watched quietly as the two waiters had a fight. “Couples,” he muttered, shaking his head. “Even the waiters are hooking up.”

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