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Nicrosil Compounding

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Hey. I just had a random thought about nicrosil compounding and how it would be totally broken if you were a worldhopper to Nalthis or Roshar. Think about it. You buy one Breath and put it in your nicrosilmind. then you burn it. You'd get a ton of Breath. Same with Stormlight. You get some, put it in your nicrosilmind, burn, infinite Stormlight. This power is awesome. I know that Compounders are very rare and nicrosil isn't the most common of abilities, but surely over the years there has been a nicrosil compounder. If a nicrosil compounder ever shows up in the cosmere at large, remember, that person should be a really powerful chap. 

(This is my first real post. Hope you all like my thoughts!)

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