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[Dan Wells] Favorite in the trilogy



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  1. 1. What is your favorite John Cleaver book?

    • I Am Not a Serial Killer
    • Mr. Monster
    • I Don't Want to Kill You

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I agree with Silus on the point of the parallels between John and Crowley. Crowley, for a number of reasons (including his William Blake quote, which i LOVED) is my favorite villain. Despite this, I chose book 3. Nobody was a weaker villain, but the intense plotting and Marci overpowered my love of Crowley.

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I'm going to have to go with book 1. Book 3 was right behind it for me, but book 2 was pretty easily the weakest of the 3, I feel.

Everything was so much more of a surprise in book 1. That is probably what makes it edge out 3 for me. The hidden demon in book 3 was awesome, though.

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I saw it coming in book 3 that the suicides were the demon murders and the other was just a regular serial killer. From REALLY early on. So it didn't have much suspense. I also guessed that Crowley was the demon, because the only ones we wouldn't suspect were him or brook. However, I didn't see Foreman being the demon. So I really enjoyed Mr. Monster. Also, you really worry about how he's going to turn out in that one.

However, all the books are awesome. It was hard to pick a favorite.

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I think book 1 was great, but you could really tell that Dan Wells became a better writer in book 2. That being said, you could almost forgive the lack of descriptive details in book 1, compared to book 2, because it took place in the winter and therefore it had pretty drab surroundings anyway.

Of course book 3 really brought the best of everything together. There are only a few books that have actually got me choked up at the end (1984 for example) and I Don't Want to Kill You was definitely one of them.

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Being a heathen, I haven't finished the series yet, but I'll go with Mr. Monster. From now on, when I need to explain to someone what a "Man Vs. Self" plot is, I'll point to that book.


EDIT: Having now finished the series, I stick with my earlier claim and say that Mr. Monster was my favorite. The moment I realized that Mr. Monster had taken over John is one that is just stuck in my memory. I can tell you where I was, what I was doing, etc, when I read that part. I didn't have a similar experience with I Don't Want to Kill You. It was still an amazing book, no doubts there.

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