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Hemalurgic animal?

Storming Radiant


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We know that Hemalurgy works on animals from at least two WoBs, but the effects are currently unknown (unless you count Mistrwaiths -> Kandra, which I wouldn't).



Would Hemalurgy work on plants or animals?

Brandon Sanderson:

Yes, it would work on animals, not on plants though. 

It's been postulated that the creatures that fought Wax and Ten'Soon in Shadows and Self might be spiked with traits stolen from animals, but that's pure speculation.

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On 8/19/2018 at 11:49 PM, Storming Radiant said:

Do animals even have a Spiritweb?

FYI, everything in the Cosmere has a spiritweb (aka sDNA aka 'Spiritual template') which is fundamental to things like Forgery which can affect material that was never 'alive' in any way we'd recognize. Hemalurgy however requires blood in motion to work, which is why you can spike things into or out of animals but you can't use it on plants even though they have a spiritweb.

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