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Kandra Names?


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So I’m making a Kandra in DnD, I’m so excited about it since they just released a race that almost is perfect. With a few changed by a DM who is willing, and boom, a kandra!!!

Now my problem is making a name... I’ve always been terrible with names. I don’t want to steal one of the ones from the book, so I’m looking for some help here. Kandra names seem to be split into two segments, Ore’Seur, Ten’Soon, Me’Lann etc. 

I’d love some help coming up with custom kandra names for this character. If anyone is interested in how I made the character, feel free to ask and I’ll elaborate further!

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It’s actually a PC. Changeling allows for free alter self, 1 or 2 lvl dip into Druid for wild shape and the rest into warlock. Warlocks are cool because you get a patron who can serve as a kandra’s contract. Warlocks also get invocations which can be along the lines of the blessings.

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