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Jasna and Elsecalling


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Sorry if this has been posted before, but I saw that a lot of people said that Jasna soulcasted herself and this allowed her to stay alive. I was thinking that Stormlight probably healed her and then she elsecalled somewhere else.

Along these lines, in WoK we saw what we supposed was Jasna using soulcasting to kill men, but as we found from Shallan's great failure to produce fire, it would be extreemly difficult for Jasna to have soulcasted men into smoke. So what if she actually elsecalled them somewhere? The lightning that struck the men would not have been the evidence of soulcasting, but of Jasna's elsecalling.

I'm still new to this site, so if this has already been discussed or there are lots of problems with it let me know so I can better understand. Thanks

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Unlikely, since she most definitely left a crystal mound in the shape of a man. Not to mention one of the gemstones she used cracked, which we haven't seen it happen with Elsecalling (or the Oathgates which are probably Surge fabrials like Soulcasters and Regrowth). I think the reasons Shallan couldn't Soulcast were because Stick possessed more mental fortitude than the footpads and she didn't know what the hell she was doing.

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