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Mistborn: Secret History Chronology


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Something I always wanted to try to figure out. How does the timeline of Mistborn Secret History wrap around the timeline of the original Mistborn trilogy? 

Basically I like reading things in chronological order and as someone who has already read both of these it’s obvious why a first timer wouldn’t to read Secret History until after the Trilogy given how it spoils things. But I thought it might be fun for a reread to try to read both together chronologically. But for that to work I’d need a timeline of how the two stories interact. Like this chapter and/or paragraph here (of the trilogy) happens around the same time as or between this chapter and/or paragraph here (of the Secret History). Does anyone think they could or would be interested in helping me work this out?

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This is something I'm interested in doing as well (at least the reading it in order part), but never sat down and worked through it. It feels like something *someone* has done, but who knows where.

The issue with reading them "chronologically" is that there's a big section in Mistborn Secret History where it's not really interacting with the Era 1 story.

I definitely think the plan of attack would be to focus on Secret History, and where those events line up with Era 1.


EDIT: So actually, it looks like the Coppermind summary already has a breakdown of this. Although it doesn't appear to be an exact chapter reading order.

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