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Cosmere Dreams

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Has anyone had any crazy Cosmere related dreams?

One time I dreamt that I had gathered all the Radiants we know about to fight Thanos. We were standing in this huge castle, and outside Thanos was floating and staring at us. He said, "This does put a smile on my face." The he put on his Infinity Gauntlet, pulled out freaking Nightblood, and crashed through the castle walls to kill us all. Then everything went black, and I heard Brandon's voice in the distance: "See! This is why I can't give Thanos Nightblood! He always kills everyone!" Then he rewinded time and as Thanos burst through the walls, Lift slipped in and stole Nightblood from him. Then we all ganged up on him, and he never stood a chance.

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I dreamed that I was auditioning for the part of Jasnah in the SA tv show/movie. And it was being directed by Robert Downey Jr. Or maybe he was playing Szeth. Not sure. And the first time, I did the audition as everyone told me to and didn't get it.

Then RDJ kicked out the person they chose and they re-did the auditions. And the second time, I did the audition the way I wanted to and I got the part!

And then really screwed up on the first day of script-practice and then I woke up.

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