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[Theory][spoilers] Breaking of the Knights Radiant


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While I was reading something Marianmi posted here,http://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/6398-wor-chapter-84-code/page-14?hl=melishi#entry108343

It made me think that maybe the secret Taravangian is supposed to hold on to is that the Windrunners took up for the Parshendi when they were trying to break their natural ability to bond with spren. I think this is where morden day Parshendi came from, Windrunners helping some of them escape, maybe in dull form, but I cant see Windrunners being ok with turning a species into slaves. This information could be used to show that it was the Radiant's fault that the new desolation/everstorm was able to come again.


Posted 10 March 2014 - 07:55 AM

Pattern, on 10 Mar 2014 - 03:14 AM, said:snapback.png


So Melishi retired to his tent, and resolved to destroy the Voidbringers upon the next day, but that night did present a different stratagem, related to the unique abilities of the Bondsmiths; and being hurried, he could make no specific account of his process; it was related to the very nature of the Heralds and their divine duties, an attribute the Bondsmiths alone could address.


-          From Words of Radiance, chapter 30, page 18

So Melishi wanted to destroy all parshendi, but during the night had a better idea: destroy their bonds to the spren. This has something to do with the Bondsmith abilities probably.



Pattern, on 10 Mar 2014 - 03:14 AM, said:snapback.png


In short, if any presume Kazilah to be innocent, you must look at the facts and deny them in their entirety; to say that the Radiants were destitute of integrity for this execution of one of their own, one who had obviously fraternized with the unwholesome elements, indicates the most slothful of reasoning; for the enemy’s baleful influence demanded vigilance on all occasions, of war and of peace


-          From Words of Radiance, chapter 32, page 17 


Kazilah did not agree with this and eliberated the 12th legion of the parshmen. He was executed, because parshmen are an enemy even in peace.



Pattern, on 10 Mar 2014 - 03:14 AM, said:snapback.png


Twenty-three cohorts followed behind, that came from the contributions of the King of Makabakam, for though the bond between man and spren was at times inexplicable, the ability for bonded spren to manifest in our world rather than their own grew stronger through the course of the oaths given.


-          From Words of Radiance, chapter 35, page 9


A war started between the radiants, and the King of Makabakam took one side, sending (23k?) soldiers.



Pattern, on 10 Mar 2014 - 03:14 AM, said:snapback.png


Now, as the Windrunners were thus engaged, arose the event which has hitherto been referenced; namely, that discovery of some wicked thing of eminence, though whether it be some rogueries among the Radiants’ adherents or of some external origin, Avena would not suggest


-          From Words of Radiance, chapter 38, page 6


As the windrunners were fighting, probably against the Makabaki (from twok recreance vision: "they should be fighting the devils on the front lines", where devils = dark skinned makabaki) - when a betrayal happens. also note from same vision: "they can't have gotten through our lines, not with the radiants fighting..." - the radiants fighting (as in among themselves)...




Pattern, on 10 Mar 2014 - 03:14 AM, said:snapback.png


That they responded immediately and with great consternation is undeniable, as these were primary among those who would forswear and abandon their oaths.  The term Recreance was not then applied, but has since become a popular title by which this event is named.


-          From Words of Radiance, chapter 38, page 6



 This act of great villainy went beyond the impudence which had hitherto been ascribed to the orders; as the fighting was particularly intense at this time, many attributed this act to a sense of inherent betrayal; and after they withdrew, about two thousand made assault upon them, destroying much of the membership; but this was only nine of the ten, as one said they would not abandon their arms and flee, but instead entertained great subterfuge at the expense of the other nine


-          From Words of Radiance, chapter 38, page 20


so while the radiants were fighting, this act of great villainy happened, and was done by a secret society (amarams? ghostbloods?)

even if the radiants were fighting among themselves, they all felt betrayed, and some of them withdrew from this fight.

then,  about 2000 of them attacked the society and (almost) destroy it. then they dropped their blades and severed their bonds, except for the skybreakers.


so there were several betrayals, no doubt very well orchestrated. 



anyway, that;s my take on the events.

Its got lots of maybes and holes but that's whats going through my head now.

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It seems possible, but I feel like the Last Legion history happened around the Last Desolation, rather than around the recreance, but that's just intuition rather than based on fact. That and I think that this wouldn't fully break the nights, but it might have aided the rift...

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