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A Tribute to Stephen Hawking

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This morning, the world lost one of its brightest minds, perhaps its brightest in this day and age. Stephen Hawking died this morning on March 14.

If you don't know who Stephen Hawking, then I suggest you go and look him up right now. Or rent the film The Theory of Everything, a great film about him. Stephen Hawking made many achievements during his lifetime, despite his tremendous disability. He confirmed the existence of singularities, studied black holes with a passion, and wrote the excellent book, A Brief History of Time.

His determination was incredible. He refused to back down, and continued to work, despite hindrance. A great example is of how he found his "voice". He frequently worked at Cambridge.

It is quite fitting that he passed on March 14, because today is Albert Einstein's birthday. It is also Pi Day. Knowing that he died on a more "scientific" day gives me comfort. Mr. Hawking, the world will miss you.


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