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Theories of how foresight works


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Foresight as an ability has always slightly bothered me as I want it to be more grounded in science, like many other abilities in the cosmere are.

"It's not leviosa, it's multidirectional incremental gravity control!"

So I did some pondering.

Disclaimers:  Some of these may overlap or be used in tandem.  My understanding of Scadrial and metals in shaky. I had a hard time organizing this coherently. :c

1) Fortune and Probability

Fortune, near as I can tell, is luck.  How does it tell the future though?  

I think it's not about shaping the future as much as it about being lucky enough to be shown the most correct version of future.  You've got a million possible futures laid out before you.  You reach out blindly, nudge Fortune, and the probability of you actually being correct in your assessment goes way up. 

The orb Kaladin touches in OB may operate similarly if it had Fortune stored within it.  Activate it with investiture, it releases Fortune in the form of a foresight vision.

Despite Odium's saying Taravangian did not have access to Fortune, I believe King T nevertheless followed the same principles.  On his craziest day making the Diagram, his intellect (rather than luck) had ballooned to the point where he was seeing probability on a level we can't understand. 


2) Investiture and Shards

Investiture permeates everything, all matter, in the cosmere to some degree.  

It makes sense to me then that the more investiture you have, the more connection you have to the cosmere in general.  This explains abilities like Life Sense and Instinctive Awakening.

The Shards themselves have been shown and discussed as having A LOT of foresight, which would make sense given their enormous amount of Investiture. I think this ability could trickle down to invested individuals who are either connected to the Shard. Examples:

Returned on Nalthis receive foresight from Edgli right before they are given the choice of returning.

Atium (a god metal) allows you to see seconds of future possibilities .

Renarin gaining foresight via Odium via a corrupt spren. 


3) Spirit Webs

Idea: Since all investiture is connected, then spirit webs are connected.  Shards, with their major investiture, can ripple out into multiple spirit webs when using foresight or since they kinda exist in the Spiritual Realm, they have auto access to it.  This Major Web is what is tapped into by King T and possibly a chromium ferring tapping Fortune with intent of foresight.

Several Scadrian metals such as atium, malatium, and electrum seem to be tapping into one's own or another's spirit web in past or present.

In Sixth of Dusk, Sak provides visions of Dusk's potential deaths.   Sak may be tapping into Dusk's (or whoever's shoulder) spirit web, possibly similar to the Nahel Bond.

Crazy idea:  Moelach temporarily bonds with the dying, ballooning their spirit web and creating foresight (also see foresight via Odium).


4) Crazy Talk

Temporary folding the spacetime fabric? 

Thanks for reading my rambles.

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