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Soulcasting Ardents - costs


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That included the five Soulcasters. Each stood with right hand to breast, displaying a sparkling fabrial across the back of the palm. One of the ardents glanced at Adolin. Stormfather— that gaze wasn’t completely human, not any longer. Prolonged use of the Soulcaster had transformed the eyes so that they sparkled like gemstones themselves. The woman’s skin had hardened to something like stone, smooth, with fine cracks. It was as if the person were a living statue.

Words of Radiance pps 409-410

(If this has been discussed please post a link for me).


What exactly is going on here? It seems like if one is not bound to a spren, soulcasting exacts a toll on the user.  Is the fabrial (or spren inside) feeding on their life force? Feeding on personal storm light investiture (in as much as people on roshar have innate investiture)? Something else?


Could this physical change eventually kill the ardent or will it transform them into something else completely?


Because the spren in a soul caster is, according to the are arcanum, an unwilling slave- could the spren be enacting this change intentionally? Or is it just necessary to fuel the soul casting desired by the ardent using the fabrial?




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I believe they use chasmfiend heart to Soulcast too many times, that's why it make them turn into stone it's maybe leeching into their life force or something. Soulcasting using fabrial never meant to happen, in Dalinar visions it's never mentioned too, in all likelihood it's too dangerous to mess with it and will cost them their life.

Think of it as the chasmfiend retribution for killing to get their hearts.

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