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Cosmere (and other Sanderson works, I suppose) Battle Royale Redux


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So, I came across this thread recently, and given that the last post was prior to: White Sand, Edgedancer, Oathbringer, Secret History, and two Wax and Wayne books, I decided to go ahead and recreate it. 

So, a few random battle ideas: 

Shallan vs Wayne (Battle of Disguises; they both compete to accomplish some specific objective first) 

Steelheart vs The Lord Ruler (assuming the latter has heard of Steelheart's strength in detail, and feels the slightest bit of fear) 

Kaladin, Szeth, Lift and Renarin vs Vin, Kelsier, Marsh, and Sazed

One Misting of each type vs One Ferring of each type 

Edit: Could someone move this to Brandon General? 

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I like the thought of the Radiant team vs Team Kelsier. As long as the Radiants had access to stormlight, I think they'll come out on top. I think even if they have a limited amount, they'd still be able to take out them with a shardblade slice. Marsh would pose a potential challenge. (I'm assuming Sazed is pre Catacendre).


Got any ideas on what objective Shallan v Wayne have to compete in? i feel it'd be pretty situational to the challenge.


I'd personally like to see a cage match between (in no particular order) Vasher, Kelsier, Marsh, Raoden, Dalinar, and Suseberon. 


EDIT: I haven't read Steelheart or any other non Cosmere work so can't comment on that. I did just recently start the first Wheel of Time book though

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Shallan vs. Wayne. I think that in general Wayne is going to come out on top if it has to do with disguises and information gathering. Shallan is still faking it to a large extent. Wayne has a vast library of skills and experience.

Steelheart vs. LR. Hard to say with the incompatible magic systems. That being said. If the LR knew Steelheart's weakness, I'm pretty sure that he would come out on top. There has to be a way that the LR could Feruchemically remove his fear for Steelheart. Perhaps by storing intimidating memories in copper, or through the manipulation of identity or connection. The LR isn't just a Feruchemist and a Mistborn, he is also one of the most knowledgable Hemelurgists as well. Again, they are incompatible magic systems, but I'm not sure Steelheart's invulnerability would actually protect him from an Atrium spike. (I don't think that Steelheart's invulnerability would protect him from having his ability taken by Larcener). ***One more thought, Allomatic atium might be enough to kill Steelheart. If you see yourself killing Steelheart, it might be enough to trigger his weakness.

Team Radiant vs. Team Kelsier. Seth doesn't have an honor blade or night blood. Sazed isn't ascended. Marsh is an Iquisitor (but not iron eyes). This is tough. I think that I'd give it to Team Kelsier. Lift and Renarin really aren't acquainted with dealing out violence while everyone on Team Kelsier are. (I'd put Sazed's familiarity with battle above Lift's and Renarin's, and Sazed can potentially one-shot everybody if he has enough speed stored up.) Given an environment where steel pushing/iron pulling effectively allows for combat movement and flight, I think that the Scadrians come out on top.

Team Misting vs. Team Ferring Does the steel fearing have enough speed stored up? He wins. Is there a Seer with enough Atium? He wins. Otherwise, team misting wins. The ferrings' powers just don't give them as many combat options as the mistings. 


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One more SteelHeart vs. LR thought
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