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Did Harmony “repair” the terrismen eunuchs and bless them with Feruchemy?


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Only feruchemist were targeted by the inquisitors. Active and functioning Feruchemists. The genes still existed in the Terris people. 

The genes mixing with Allomancy genes are what created Ferring. If it weren't for that mixture, Feruchemy would actually be much much rarer... But it would also mean that the bloodlines would have remained more segregated and there would be full Feruchemists occasionally. 

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1 hour ago, LordRuler1994 said:

So I was rereading the first series and was thinking, how could twinborn exist, when the Inquisitors wiped out the synod, including children who displayed Feruchemical powers. Now I’m wondering: to what extent did Harmony repair the world?

Also, don't forget that Twyndyl, a full Feruchemist, had borne over 20 children, all who would have strong Feruchemical genes because of her.

It doesn't sound like Harmony increased the likelihood of Feruchemists and Allomancers.  Or at least, we aren't given that information during his Ascension monologue.  Thematically, I would guess that Brandon wouldn't have written that, just because Fullborns are totally overpowered, and full Feruchemists and Mistborns, are borderline overpowered.

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