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[Spoilers] Dalinar vs Szeth 3.0


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Okay so lets say for instance that Szeth decided to go after Dalinar again. What do you think would happen if the Stormfather did choose to become a blade for him?

Personally I think if he did, then it would likely be a blade of such power that it would make Honorblades act like twigs.

Originally it made me wonder if all of the Honorblades were spren as powerful as the Stormfather etc but that doesnt feel right, there is no scream when Kaladin handles Jezriens blade. It is still a powerfully invested object though, just as Nightblood is.

But I wonder just how much investiture the stormfather has, my bet would be in the order of 100 the magnitude of Nightblood.

Im not sure if even an Honorblade would be able to do more than fend off Nightblood which is why I think there has to be some sort of checker on its power, the only thing I can think of would be the father of all blades

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Guest Shash



When Dalinar and Szeth next meet, I imagine that Dalinar will attempt to forgive Szeth and offer him a place with the rest of them trying to prepare for Desolations.  After all, Dalinar's job is literally to Unite everyone.  Even those that he hates.

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I doubt Dalinar hates Szeth. You don't hate a tool for performing it's function. You hate the bearer of said Tool instead. He even saw how mad Szeth was because of what he had done so I definitely see Dalinar as a military man wanting to use Szeth.

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