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[OB] Embodiment of Cultivation


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A quick theory after reading a lot of speculation about Cultivation's vessel (this is the first time I have put a theory up so go easy!).

Evi = Cultivation

Now this isn't to say that Evi is the vessel of Cultivation more just a physical form ah has taken to influence one of the key family's on Roshar.

A few things to back up the theory:

There is a lot of mystery around who Evi is, where she came from and her personality which was wildly different from Dalinar and most everybody we see with screen time in SA.

Brandon has been very evasive about discussing Evi and also Cultivation.

We know that Dalinar visited the Nightwatcher/Cultivation and a key part of the manipulation effects his memory of Evi.

Evi appears to have had a major impact on Adolin, Renarin and who they have grown into (more so in a positive way than Dalinar).

Her death is a major focus point in OB and the repercussions will continue to affect the Kohlin's throughout the series.

I haven't seen this posted so let me know what your thoughts!



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I don't think evi was cultivation taken form if thats what you meant.

I do however think your right and evi had a link to cultivation, and was perhaps sent by cultivation to try temper dalinar as dalinar was being influenced by odium to such a degree that culivation thought she had to take action, ultimately this action failed.

And this leads her to intervene again when dalinar goes to the nightwatcher and take more direct action via the boon/curse and also the degrading of said boon/curse

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