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Character Developments Wor (spoilers) discussion thread


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Okay I've stared this thread to see what people think of the character developments so far by the end of Wor.

So Kaladin wow I'll admit I was a little frustrated by him in parts but looking back in wor his journey was a necessary one. He had a alot of pent up frustration and unresolved issues eating away at him by the end of wok and I think we can safely say that he really needed to figure out and grasp his role and place in the grand scheme of things that's not to say he's done growing as a person not by a long shot but he's getting there. I think we can safely say that his going home in the next book will be an intriguing development especially when it comes to the place and people of his childhood and seeing there reactions especially that of his parents who I'm guessing probably think he's dead.

Now for Shallan gotta say wasn't to rapped up in her character in wok but boy did wor bring out the inner deemed child lol. She went from meek to evil genius and that tongue and sparky humorous later on was just awesome. The flash backs where a little predictable but I got the feeling they where less about explaining her character and more about setting up and laying a foundation for future events dun dun duhhhhhhh.

By the end of the book she was definitely more capable as a person however I got the feeling that she was still uncertain about who she was but I get the feeling that that well be worked out in the next instalment soon enough.

Adolin hmmmmm wasn't to thrilled with his development I thought was a decent enough character in the last book if a little closeminded. I noticed that with the duels and increasing danger and ever increasing odds that his chapter has turned into a real adrenalin junky the arena and his decision to continue in the four on one bout demonstraighted this. I thought his questioning his place in his relationship with Shallan just before he went postal on Sadias was a little showing and worrying but I guess we will just have to wait and watch to see how he deals with his actions.

Okay so Im curious as to your opinions of there developments so far and how you think it may impact there relationships in the future....


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Kaladin- He's always been my favorite character of the series. And his entry in the last battle was just so AMAZING !!!!!! Though I felt really bad for him when he lost Syl. And in prison, when he said "This is what comes of trusting a lighteyes... never again." , that really kind of increased the darkness within him. It must be hard being bonded to an honorspren. And I love that he's going back to Hearthstone. His parents' reaction will be priceless :-)

Shallan- Thankfully, her parts in WoR weren't as irritating as they were in WoK. She did grow much more confident, especially when she became Veil. But I sincerely hope she and Kaladin don't end up together- Adolin is a much better match. Anyway, she's nowhere near Kaladin when it comes to awesomeness. And in front of Kaladin's straight forward speeches (or grunts), her speeches kind of felt like purple prose... but maybe that's how all lighteyes speak.

Jasnah- I love this character! She's my 2nd favorite and even though she doesn't have much of a part in this book, the boldness with which she handles things is amazing. And I knew she'd come back !!!! YAAAAY !!!!! :-)

Elhokar- That idiot really got on my nerves, especially when he punished Kaladin, but his drunken rambling made me realize that not everyone's born a hero.

Still, imagine if he had tried to execute Kaladin "Just try to execute me.... just try) and Kaladin escaped full Radiant-style.... that would have been amazing.

Szeth- His character didn't develop that much, but that'll probably happen in his book. And even though hes's a psycho, I did feel a little bad for him because of his conflicts.

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