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Your addition to the Cosmere


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I've never really found these kind of topics interesting but after a conversation with my finace, I thought this might lead to some fun rabbit holes. If you had to choose one piece of worldbuilding or lore from another series to be put into the cosmere, what would you choose? I know that most of the time what makes pieces of good worldbuilding special is that they are unique and help fuels it's respective story. After having like an hour discussion about how LoTR would have went with Surgebinders, I figured I'd post this on the Shard and see what cool and funny stuff you guys could come up with. 

Sorry if this has done before, I did a little searching and all I could find is swap characters or plots topics. 

My choices:

  • Moving the Fae realm from the King Killer Chronicle into the cosmere and existing as a fourth realm. I know the mechanics are at odds with some portions of Realmatic Theory but if you ignore the obvious logic issues, the Fae Realm would fit nicely with the dynamic of the other realms. In particular, I think Shallan exploring the Fae realm would be awesome. Also, a conversation between Wit and the Cthaeh would probably be one of the best conversations in fantasy. 
  • Swapping out the Breath magic system with the drafting magic system of Brent Weeks Lightbringer series. Or maybe just breath to another world and have drafting in Warbreaker. I would think that Brandon could create some cool scenes with battle drafters. 
  • This next one isn't really from a book but since I'm an Elder Scrolls lore nerd, I couldn't resist. Having Sheogorath in any cosmere story would be epic and I think he and Wit would become BFF's. I can just pictures scenes with Sheogorath trolling Taln or Odium. As I think about this more, as unlikely as it may seem, a Madness or Insanity shard would make for a good bad boss shard. Can you imagine the protagonists sitting there trying to figure out why Sheogorath turned Roshar into a planet made of cheese? Legendary. 



When I typed the "if you ignore the obvious logic issues" I thought to myself "Well. That's not something you want to say on the Shard".  


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