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So... sorry to make another one of these threads, but I need help on my magic system(s). Here's a basic overview of the magic and its history. Note: The words such as "Galon" are the world's language, based on Welsh.

System - Galon

My world is split into separate societies, which have different views on what the "essence" or "life" of the world is. The people that practice Galon believe that the world is seperated into four different essences: Blood, Water, Flame and Wind. This shapes their magic system - each branch focuses on one essence and has a passive/healing part and an active/fighting part. It also has an "All Magic" which encompasses all four.

Blood Magic - Chnoadi

The Chnoadi use their control of blood to manipulate enemies on the battlefield, or kill them by stopping its flow. They are the society's main warriors.

Blood Magic - Ichaoli

The Ichaoli are the healing part of Blood Magic. They use it to heal wounded people, altering their blood flow to keep them alive. 

Water Magic - Dymesti

Dymesti are soldiers who use water to help them fight, drowning their opponents or enhancing their own motion with the water.

Water Magic - Tonnai

The Tonnai are in charge of farming, and making sure their people never grow dehydrated.

Fire - Tani

Tani are the fighting part of the Fire Magic users. 

Fire - Farvori

The Farvori are engineers and scientists who use their fire magic to create inventions that function using smoke and fire.

Wind - Erwynti, Anadli

Little use has been found for the Wind Magic so far, and so many who specialise in it use their powers to help them only in normal scholarly or fighting pursuits. 

All Magic - Nerthi

The Nerthi is a single person who controls all four branches of magic, and leads their society.


The users of the Galon magic system were the most common of all the various societies on their planet, Aelwe, but after a new magic form - the Derys - appeared, they were almost completely wiped from the earth by the Derys users. Now, they are the last society to survive the take over, and are hiding in the mountains, or on small islands. 

Inheritance/ How they get their magic

Galon is hereditary, and all users are born with the ability to use every branch of the magic.  However, after basic training in all four, they choose the specialised area in which they will continue - many show an aptitude for one type from an early age and so find it easy to choose. 

If a child has one Galon user and one Derys user parent, the child will be unable to use Galon magic, or pass it on.


The Nerthi represents one of their society's core beliefs, that while the essences make up the world, and are very powerful, none can exist perfectly alone. The next Nerthi is chosen at a young age by the previous one, and will be trained for many years to ascend when their master dies. While they can use each magic separately, they prefer to combine them - something they call using the "All Magic". Unlike us, the Galon users believe Earth is not one of the four essences (elements) but instead the ultimate combination of the four.

What I Need Help With:

That's everything I really have on the Galon users so far, and Aelwe as a whole. My main things I need help with on are the specific places in society for each of the orders, as well as a better name for those who use Galon than Galon users (I guess I could make Galon the name of the group, not the magic?). Any help on that or other things I missed/could improve would be very much appreciated. 


Galon: Spirit/Core

Chnoadi: Pain

Ichaoli: Healing

Dymesti: Storm

Tonnai: Waves

Tani: Fire

Farvori: Ember

Erwynti: Tornado

Anadli: Breath

Nerthi: Strength

Aelwe: Home

Derys: Wild


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Galonites? Galonids?

I like that you're being creative with the four elements, but I think you could take it further. You've replaced one of the classical four, so why not two or three? Right now, the challenge isn't coming up with ways to use these elements, but coming up with original uses. Between Avatar and Wheel of Time, you'll find pretty much every clever use for fire, water, and air.

And could you tell us more about Derys?

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Thanks for the advice, maybe could you recommend a replacement for Air? I like Fire and Water, but maybe water could go if Air doesn't? 

The Deryans (Derys users) believe animals are the true inhabitants of Aelwe. Derys allows them to combine two living things together, and because of this most Deryans are part animal. The Galonites see this magic as an abomination, because they believe in keeping the essences pure while Deryans see unity as the most important. Derys itself involves rituals that weaken Deryans, making lots of them sick.  (Any ideas on what the rituals could be?) Anything else you want to know???

I keep seeing more problems with Derys and Golan every time I think about them now. 

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Interesting stuff.

Blood seems like a dark/organic/extra-strength counterpart of water, so maybe one of the other elements could have that as well. Breath for air? Bioelectricity for fire? The elements could form pairs, each with one world-element and one body-element.

I don't know if you've planned this out yet, but are the two magic systems connected in any way? Or could they be?

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