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Lightweaving and Invisibility

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So.. I recently read the Shadow and Bone trilogy, and I wondered if lightweaving could be used like Sun Summoning is in the books - to make people invisible. 

I don't really remember how lightweaving works (I need to reread again), so would this be possible? Thoughts?


PS. Also, Cosmere fans might enjoy the Grishaverse, the universe Shadow and Bone is in. I recommend it.

PPS.  Sorry if this happened in the series but I just forgot it...

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5 minutes ago, Totally_Not_A_Worldhopper said:

I wondered if Lightweaving could be used to make people invisible.

Yes, but No. The best you could do(without imitating really fancy technology) is cloaking yourself.

Google defines invisible as "unable to be seen." This could be accomplished by making yourself appear as an object(like a rock, or a wall). But that's not what you meant, nor does it allow you to move(unless it's nighttime and your disguise is akin to a cloud of black&grays) without being seen.

You could theoretically craft an illusory pillar around you that looks like air, but in order to make sure you can't be seen, an observer couldn't see through it, and someone fading out when walking behind you would ruin your hiding spot real quick.

There is only one way to properly be invisible, and that's to make whatever is behind you be visible even when you are blocking it. And Tech Wise, we are still ways off from doing this. (Spoiler tag b/c text-wall)


Bending light to our will

Recent work with metamaterials has extended their deceptive capabilities to wavelengths in the optical range. One such approach devised a "carpet cloak" that could hide a tiny lump of material under a special metamaterial layer. Another approach relied on natural, chunky calcite crystals to manipulate visible light with a certain vibration direction, or polarization.
In short, progress continues to be made. The metamaterial and calcite techniques could see real-world applications soon, with the former preventing antennas from interfering with each other, for example.
Yet what's been accomplished thus far has been limited in terms of wavelength range and types of light that have been duped into doing our bidding. In microwave and visible bands, state-of-the-art cloaking device-like technologies have been able to address only "a tiny portion, at best, of any one of those bands, let alone the whole thing," Smith said.
To cloak a dynamic object moving through free space, like the dreadlocked Predator creature romping through the jungle, metamaterials have a long way to go. "Give us one hundred years with other technologies that come in, and we might have something a lot closer than you'd think," Smith said.


In the meantime, would-be invisible men might pin their hopes on an entirely different technological method to cloaking, one that fools the eye by emitting light, rather than detouring it around a hidden object. The concept involves covering the object or person in micro-cameras and tiny screens, all hooked up to fancy software and an energy source.
"The micro-cameras take images of what is behind the person. Then the screens project that image in front so it seems like you're looking through the person," explained Sidney Perkowitz, a physicist at Emory University in Atlanta, Ga. "You would need perhaps hundreds of thousands of devices, but if they were linked wirelessly and had fast enough computing, you could have the illusion be fast enough for a real-time effect."

Shallan isn't advanced enough to make an interactive illusion(in the vein of "bending light" above). It'd probably take quite a bit of Stormlight too. And a Lightweaving Fabrial(in the vein of "camo-cloak" above) isn't gonna happen because they aren't scientifically advanced enough to understand/exploit the concept.

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