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Worlds of fantasy


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I've been reading fantasy novels for a long time and go back to the days of people like H G Wells and the many others who have contributed over the years. I got hooked on science fiction and then the fantasy novels started taking over—David Eddings and Robert Jordan in particular, but Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett, too. When I saw Brandon's results with the Wheel of Time, I started on his cosmere series and now have Elantris, Warbreaker, Mistborn etc under my belt as well as the three SA books. I've read the latter twice each and, for the first time, embarked on audio versions of them, which I found fascinating because I got so much more out of the slower pace of the stories. I thought the readers were excellent—great diction and sensitive portrayals of the characters. I'm now following OB as a read-through. I do read other styles of fiction—crime, adventure, spies, historical romances etc—as well as military history, but it's the fantasy worlds that are addictive!

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