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I'm a 30something guy who started the cosmere at the beginning of last year with tWoK.  I'm now current in SA, and on HoA in Era1 Mistborn.  I've also read Elantris!  I'm trucking through Sanderson books like a pig in, you know.  Anyways, I'm happy to finally jumped into these forums after having what I consider to be a 'amateur' level knowledge of the cosmere.  Excited to see what ERA 2 brings and then all the standalones after that.  Sanderson is a universe building madman.

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Oh boy... Favorites...


My favorite magic system (so far...) is Stormlight for sure.  There is still a lot to be discovered but it seems like there is also a ton that is actively changing in the cosmere in that neck of the woods.  We've hardly even touched on Cultivation and Odium's manifestation of powers/investiture.


Character?  I currently really like TenSoon, but then again that's probably because of where he's at in his arc.  I rooted for Kaladin all the way through Stormlight, easily one of my top favorites of any series so far.  It's a tough call between Vin and Kal for favorite position.

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