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*cough* umm hi?


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Thanks for the cookie!  While I could transfer my breath-where exactly in this initiation am I storing it...or if it to you, why would I give it to a complete stranger?  Come to think of it...I just took a cookie from a complete stranger...boy...life lessons really did not connect with me at all...I think I'm gonna have a shot of whiskey now. 

Fav book:

Mistborn-Hero of Ages.

I do reserve the right to change opinion as I read more :-)

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Thanks but i'll pass on cookies *Drops cookie already given... I'm allergic tooo ummm....metal... maybe...that's it... yea...I'm allergic

*walks away from people trying to steal my breath and give me cookies.

*goes downstairs and opens a package of oreos...

*Gets knock on door from Jehovah Witness


What's with all these people trying to convert me today?! Lol

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