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Prescience and the Recreance


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Apologies if this has been addressed, but I couldn't find anything with search.  Sorry on the slight WOR spoilers.  I'm not too familiar with the spoiler policies, so if this should be elsewhere, sorry for the extra work MODs.  


The prohibition against predicting the future is bugging me quite a bit, and I think offers a little insight into the Recreance.  Admittedly this is mostly supposition.


IIRC, in WOK we are told that prescience is a gift of the voidbringers.


Words of Radiance slight spoilers:

How did people reach this conclusion, especially as it is implied in WOR that the trueseers, a branch of the KR, have this ability?  Imagine that you are Trueseers living after the Final Desolation. 


If you look into the future of Roshar after the Final Desolation, you would presumably see another desolation coming.  You know that this is impossible, the Heralds themselves have confirmed that the Final Desolation has occurred, and you know that in the past you were able to actually see the future.  There are two conclusions that can be drawn from this.  


One is that your vision of the future is wrong.  If your vision is wrong, something must have happened to change it, and because what you now see is heretical to the heralds, and pro voidbringer, it follows that the enemies of mankind have screwed up our ability to see the future.


The second is that the heralds have in fact lied about the Final Desolation truly being the FINAL desolation.  If enough KR came to that conclusion, that the highest archetypes of human virtue and divinity have lied about such an important event (out of base cowardice no less), I can imagine a pretty harsh reaction from an order of knights based on Oaths.  I can even see this causing the KR to dissolve.  I buy this as the cause of the Recreance more than the other explanations that I've seen.


As a side note, if I were a Herald, and wanted to hide the same of my violation of the Oathpact, I would need to eliminate the chance of anyone looking into the future and seeing that I was lying.  



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It is a conundrum for sure...


Here are my thoughts on the subject: 


  • The Almighty himself said that he's not as good at foresight as Cultivation
  • Syl said that foreseeing is "not of Honor"
  • Men say that it is "of the voidbringers"

I think it is a shift in history that skewed the "not of honor" concept and attached that to "voidbringers", since most people in Roshar seem to have forgotten about Cultivation's presence to me, as well as Odium, but he's at least on a different planet. 


I think that foresight, and that of the Truthwatchers is an ability from the cultivationy side of spren rather than the honor side. We know that spren are made of different % of honor/cultivation, so it could be teh Truthwatcher's bonded spren are much more cultivation than honor and therefore the abilities that they grant are akin to Cultivation and her ability to see into the future. 


As to what cause the shift from "not of honor" to "of voidbringers"? Time, distance from actual events, desire to re-write history as we see in Jasnah/Shallan's frustration with scholars and Vorinism in-world. It all just became blurred...

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The prohibition against seeing the future is a result of the fallout from the Heirocracy. In WoK we're told that the Heirocracy cloaked themselves in mysticism, and controlled the people through "Visions" of the future. After the Heirocracy fell, examining their internal communications proved that there were no real visions, it was all a farce.


From there, it seems that it was decided all visions ever would be fake.Things just got perverted over the course of centuries to make the source of all fake visions being the Voidbringers trying to corrupt and destroy humanity.

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