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Words of non radiance- using the ebook to find important words.


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I think it'd be good to collate knowledge on some new terms with my ebook.




For example, there is some slight proof that both the Stormfather and the Almighty are real creatures—simply powerful spren, such as the Nightwatcher.”



The Nightwatcher is obviously one of these, Alai wrote, Shallan copying the passage. The records of conversations with her—and she is definitely female, despite what rural Alethi folktales would have one believe—are numerous and credible. Shubalai herself, intent on providing a firsthand scholarly report, visited the Nightwatcher and recorded her story word for word. . . .



A type of spren? Perhaps a large unique one, like Cusicesh from Iri or the Nightwatcher.



“She talks . . . She talks like a real person.” He raised a hand to his head. “The stories say the Nightwatcher might be capable of that. . . . Powerful spren. Vast spren.”



So brilliant on one hand. So stupid on another. Is that your joke here, Nightwatcher? he wondered. Is that the lesson I’m to learn? Do you even care about lessons, or is what you do to us merely for your own amusement?



They came inversely. Why couldn’t he have both at once? He did not think that in other people, intelligence and compassion were tied in such a way. The Nightwatcher’s motives behind her boons and curses were unfathomable.





Vex Odium, convince him that he can lose, and appoint a champion. He will take that chance instead of risking defeat again, as he has suffered so often. This is the best advice I can give you.”



Pattern’s buzz became a whine, going so high pitched she almost couldn’t hear it. “Odium.” He spoke the word as if needing to force it out. Shallan wrote furiously. Odium. Hatred. A type of spren?



“I am the sliver of Him that remains. I saw His corpse, saw Him die when Odium murdered Him. And I . . . I fled. To continue as I always have. The piece of God left in this world, the winds that men must feel.”



ODIUM DESTROYED THE ALMIGHTY HIMSELF. YOU ARE NOTHING TO HIM. “The Almighty could die,” Dalinar said. “If that is true, then this Odium can be killed. I will find a way to do it. The visions mentioned a challenge, a champion. Do you know anything of this?”



Ten fools.


She felt like one of the ten fools. Surely he would see through the flimsy act. Pretending you had authority was not the same as having it, no matter what Jasnah said.



“What are you doing here, bridgeboy?” Adolin hissed from within his helmet. “Playing one of the ten fools.” Adolin grunted. “Welcome to the party.”



Kaladin felt like one of the ten fools. Actually, he felt like all of them. Ten times an idiot. But most specifically Eshu, who spoke of things he did not understand in front of those who did.



The glyphs listed the ten foolish attributes, as represented by the ten fools.



I’ve been played for one of the ten fools, Moash thought, chin to his chest. And I don’t even know how.



Amaram could not help being reminded of the last time he had visited this place, in the company of someone who had been playing him for one of the ten fools all along. Who knew that Dalinar had grown so crafty in his old age?





“But the alternative? Dabbling in things we shouldn’t, things that might bring the eyes of the Unmade upon us.” “You’re not working,” Mother said, pointing. “Don’t be like your sister.”



Smokeform for hiding and slipping between men. A form of power, like human Surges. Bring it ’round again. Though crafted of gods, It was by Unmade hand. Leaves its force to be but one of foe or friend.



“A Voidbringer!” she hissed, safehand to her chest. “An animal that speaks! You’ll bring the eyes of the Unmade upon us.” The merchant laughed. “These things live all over Shinovar, young lady. If their speech drew the Unmade, the entire country would be cursed!”



Unmade are a deviation, a flair, a conundrum that may not be worth your time. You cannot help but think of them. They are fascinating. Many are mindless. Like the spren of human emotions, only much more nasty. I do believe a few can think, however.



Any other words other ebook owners think are worth searching?

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