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Help! I Have A Couple of Ideas...

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Given that this is the fan fiction corner, I think I'm in the right place, but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

I'm sorry if this is unorganized...


First Idea:

Concept: A crowd gathers to watch as, for the first time in many centuries, a dark-eyes kills a shardbearer. As the head of a broken spear slams through the visor of an ancient helm, silence falls upon the field of blood. An assassin is thwarted. Jaws drop. Hearts stop. And... a hero is born. With so many standing witness, Amaram cannot simply kill Kal and his soldiers. He must abide by the law, no matter how much he hates it. Kaladin, that surgeons son from a backward little town is no fourth dahn.

Needless to say, a large chunk of canon goes out the window. So, I'd like to just throw some of my thoughts out there and see if you think I'm insane or not.

The moment Kaladin takes the shards, everything changes and Light-eyed politics becomes a BIG part of his story. How could it not be, given how he rose to prominence? I suspect he would spend some time with Amaram after the incident, training, securing boarders, making ready for the journey to the shattered planes.I imagine that he would go to see his family much earlier than canon, and - while they would be glad to see him - there would be an underlying tension between him and Liran in regards to Kaiden's choices. I also suspect that, during this time, he would entrust to them his feelings about what's going on. For example, how - when he looks at the blade - he cannot help but see the deaths of his men(like in canon). He's uncomfortable with what is happening, but he does not have the full-on hatred like in canon because he wasn't sold into slavery.

When it comes to politics, he is now a symbol, a hero of the people. The dark eyes that killed a shardbearer. Stormblessed. Any number of things could happen here. I find myself thinking, though, that the reactions of the light eyes would be a mix of awed, uncertain, and disdainful. When it comes to Sadius and Amaram in particular, I think they'd be playing him. Supporting him in public while simultaneously trying to kill him on the battlefield(so Amaram could have the shards).

I kind of like the idea of his distain for the light-eyes growing as he becomes more and more aware of how... ugh... Sadius' people are, and Sadius in particular. Maybe Kaladin requests to be put in charge of the bridgeman once he sees Sadius' methods, and changes things to be more like Dalinar's camp(running in front to clear a way for the bridgemen? This would probably lend some to the above growth of his character, as he finds himself disapproved of for "putting himself at risk" or something.

Returning to politics, we learn from Dalinar in WoR that new shardbearers can found houses. So, Kal is probably working on that to. The problem I have with this is that it probably means an arranged marriage of some kind, which we already have in Adolin and Shalan. Though, it might be fun to have one that fails because Kal can't stand the "light-eyes pettiness." The primary issue I run into here is... well, I don't really want to use an OC, and Laurel is kind of taken.

Another possibility for fun... Maybe Amaram(because of Dalinar and Sadius' alliance) asks for one of Dalinar's people to train Kal in the sword? We could get a Kaladin and Adolin friendship emerging this way. Might cause some interesting ripples.



My Second Idea...

Concept: This one is a little more out there, though probably not surprising to anyone who has spent time in the fan fiction pits of the internet. A Harry Potter crossover. I'm thinking either something where Hoid takes Harry off the Dursley doorstep and brings him to Roshar because (standard dumb crossover excuse for raising Harry somewhere else here), or having Lilly's sacrifice/blood magic somehow bring Roshar and Earth closer together, so things start bleeding between the two(High storms and spren appearing on Earth, and the spren bonding Radiants or something...). This one, as you can probably tell, is far more nebulous in its conception. Though, I'd still love suggestions if you're willing...

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The first one is a good concept. I think it would be cool to hear that more expanded; I'm more of a person who likes speculative summaries (if they're AU's) so I would wait for someone else's opinion.

The second one isn't for me, but others may like it.

Welcome to the Shard!

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For your first idea, have you read the excerpts Brandon's made available from Way of Kings Prime? Those show his first attempt at writing Kaladin (then called Merin) when he did accept the Shards. Well, sort of, the circumstances weren't identical. But anyways, if you haven't it would be something you might want to take a look at for ideas, especially since it does show how Kaladin relates to Adolin and Renarin under those circumstances. Brandon mentions why he abandoned that in favor of what we got in the published WoK but it could definitely make for an interesting AU story. Lighteyed politics and Kaladin becoming a symbol do seem like they'd be the most likely way for things to go, whether he embraces his status or has it forced on him. I could see multiple parties trying to manipulate him, kind of like how Moash was targeted by the Diagrammists... and wouldn't that be an interesting parallel? Also, given the changes to Kaladin's story I imagine it would affect how Shallan views him, if/when she discovers that Kaladin got his Shards by killing Helaran.

Last thought here, what were you thinking about Kaladin's proto-Radiancy? Because by having a dead Shardblade, he's automatically going to turn off Syl who doesn't like anyone who carries one. And of course, their bond really only started to grow after Amaram stole the Shards in canon, though it was beginning to form previously. Dunno if you were planning on having that remain a factor or not, just tossing the idea out there as another possible plot hook.

For your second idea, not really my sort of fic and I'm not terrible clued in about that fandom so I can't add anything constructive I'm afraid.

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