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From darkness into light


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Hey everyone! :) 

I have been a quiet observer of the forums for some time now. Lurking in the shadows behind some random upvotes, stalking for new theorie and memes. Now, I've decided to shroud off my mistcloak and step into the light. 

My brother introduced me to the cosmere two years ago and I'm heavily invested since ;) 

The thing about Brandon's books is that along the way, they started to be more than stories. I can't really say which book is my favorite - that's like choosing one of your best friends over another, choosing the destination over the journey. 

I don't know how much posts I'm going to write, as I'm more comfortable with consuming words than producing them. But I do think that sharing words can strengehen the bond we have to our surroundings and passions.

So, here I am, sharing my words and looking forward to discuss cosmere stuff with other sharders and maybe find peolpe with the same kind of bond as me. :) 



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Hey thanks! :D
I think mine is his ability of writing characters. They are always so life-like and their internal and external struggles make them seem more than just characters in a story. I just love how Brandon can put the same fundamental idea or concept  into different characters and have them deal with it in their own, personal way.

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