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Twisted Corridors

Shallan's Ward

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(DISCLAIMER: I take little to no credit for the ideas at the foundation of this role-play. It was someone else's on another forums first. If you happen to know of it. Please don't give me any hurt about it.)

The characters (character limit 2) are trapped in an old palace. Their goal is to escape. Though how is unknown, as each door inside the palace leads to somewhere different and maybe not entirely sensical.


Description of the grounds:

Palace, Corridors, and Courtyards

The sections of corridor can all seem to be from different various castles ages and even architectural styles, though each hallway is consistent in one style, none of the windows allow a look outside. Courtyards vary as well. Some being gardens and others bare stone, the imagination cannot capture the variety of styles of both Hall and courtyard.



Each room is utterly unique --excluding the Living Room which appears occasionally, it is the only known room with relative safety.-- All rooms except the Living Room have some peril and will actively attempt to kill (usually) any occupants. Reality does not seem to bind these rooms in any way.

Living Room

Depending on the hallway outside it the furnishing style changes. Most often it is after the Versailles fashion. But if the hallway outside were to be a Nordic castle the furnishings would be Nordic. However the layout is always the same. There are two doors on opposing sides or the room. In between are various sofas and coffee tables, along the other walls are many stained glass windows that do not permit a look outside. There are bookshelves filled with old tomes that have no words. A great chandelier hangs from a twenty to thirty foot ceiling and casts a dim light throughout the room. Any new characters appear in this room.

No other rooms have been discovered at this time.


Things known about this place

Any memories of Earth are fuzzy if present at all.

New people just appear in varying ways.

Corridors can be booby trapped. Not always, but they can be.

Windows broken reveal a slightly glowing brick wall.


Guest Roster

Gabriel Yūrei - Shallan's Ward

Dallas Kempton - Sami

Scelance Markstraitor - Tesh

Tanax the Arcane - King Cole

Paul, Kristoferson - MacThornsten

No other guests at this time



- All standard Forum Rules apply (Link forthcoming)

- Give us a bit of meat in replies. A short paragraph please and thank you.

- Two characters ~ The sky's the limit. Just make em somewhat realistic okay? Like personality wise. Do whatever the heck you want with powers.

- Please help me brainstorm rooms. I want everyone to help.

- Out of role-play speech should be in () {} [] some sort of Bracket. As is customary

- Rules will appear as Necessary.



Character limit is now two! (1/21/18)

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Name Gabriel Yūrei 

Age 19

Description He is a tall willowy young man with deep black hair and dark brown eyes. His skin is fair and his eyes are monolidded.

Personality He is loud and bouncy with a dash of wit and a general contented feel.

Flaw(s) Gabriel often loses touch with those around him and offends them on accident. He is also known to infuriate those he shouldn't.

Powers (if any) He has no outstanding powers other than an adeptness with any blade.

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Okay, this looks amazingly fun. Count me in, although I'm not quite sure how this works.

Character Form

Name Dallas Kempton

Age 20

Description Not particularly tall but not particularly short either. She has a slim build, olive skin, dirty blonde hair, and dark brown eyes that reside behind thick rimmed glasses. 

Personality Generally quite enough that most people are surprised to hear her speak. However, if she feels strongly about something, you'll never persuade her otherwise. She hides emotions easily so at first sight everyone assumes that she's serene and opinionless (until she talks).  Not easily made upset (or shows it, anyways), but when she does, it's like a bomb erupted in the middle of the room. Has a very dry sense of humour. 

Flaw(s) Tends to shut people out more than is good for her. She also tends to stereotype and judge people quickly. A lot of the times doesn't know when is good to back down.

Powers (if any) Dallas has sharp observational skills and an uncanny way with daggers. Stealthy when she wants to be, which is 99% of the time. At will, her hands can grow hot enough to melt metal without affecting the normal form of her hands. She is still vulnerable to heat on any other part of her body, though. (Kind of not realistic? <_<)

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Gabriel's head throbbed. It felt like a little man was in there playing the drums at maximum. His eyes were closed as he turned on the soft surface he lay upon. Soon his headache faded and he streched and opened his eyes. A great chandelier blinded him and he quickly shut his eyes again as tears crept out at the light. He opened his eyes again and looked around at the ornate --bordering on garish-- room. It was filled with furniture of gold's and whites, with plenty of other bright colors to go with it and it hurt his eyes.

"Ouch. Who chose the color pallette?" He grumbled, sitting up.

(That's a little meatier than I was looking for. Heh)

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(Character Form

Name- Scelance Markstraitor

Age- 15

Description- Tall, wiry girl, with bright green eyes, and ear length brown hair.

Personality- Timid when it comes to social interaction, but exceeding brave when it comes to the unordinary.

Flaw(s)- Has a very hard time trusting anyone.

Powers (if any)- Very good with a sword, and very fast runner.)

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That's how it started.

Scelance groaned. Where was she? How had she got here? There was a throbbing pain behind here eyes. But it wasn't quite a migraine.

The soft surface beneath her squeaked as she rolled over. Scelance didn't dare to open her eyes. Not right away. But she had to! What was waiting in that darkness?

When she cracked her eyes open, the light almost made her retreat back into the darkness. But she couldn't. Slowly, she eased her eyes open.

A bright, colorful, unfamiliar room greeted her. And a young man, a few years older than her, sitting on a couch on the other side of the room. He hadn't seen her yet.

Scelance quietly sat up, and squeezed into the side of the couch. As she tried to sink from view, unsuccessfully, mind, a single thought spun through her head.

Escape and survive. Escape and survive. Escape and survive. 

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(poking @Sami)

Gabriel turned and noticed a younger woman in the, quite frankly, garish room. He gave a little wave, not trusting his voice, fearing it might crack. After a moment, he swallowed.

"Um, hello," he rasped. His voice creaky from disuse. "Uh. Any clue where we are?"

Normally he would be a bit more vibrant than this he felt. But his head was still throbbing and he felt tired still.

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Scelance blushed furiously at being addressed. But what else was the man supposed to do? Ignore her?

"Um, no?" The simple statement was uttered almost as a question. "But..." She swallowed. "I feel like we need to escape. Escape and survive. That's all I can really think about."

She pushed herself deeper into the couch.

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Gabriel pushed his headache aside and stood promptly. He looked around the bright room and smoothed his rumpled clothing. His hair he left alone. No point in resting with that monster.

"Well, my name's Gabriel. You can call me Gave (g-ah-veh), I guess," he beamed a smile he really didn't feel like giving. The doors finally caught his eye, but first he asked, "Do you mind sharing your name?"

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Dallas opened her eyes, only to have them met by a dim beam of light heading straight for her eyeball. She quickly closed them again, slowly registering the thinly carpeted floor underneath her body. 

Twisting, she sat up and took  a quick scan of the room. It was a strange room, filled with ancient looking bookshelves and furniture coloured so brightly that they hurt her dark-accustomed eyes to look at. 

She observed a little further, noting the dazed looking man seated on the couch across the room and the young girl sitting across from him. 

She stood up slowly, catlike, taking in the massive chandelier when a thought struck her. 

She had just appeared without warning in a strange room with two other people, so why wasn't she alarmed in the slightest?

A small flash of panic appeared at the thought and was promptly smothered by heavy yet suffocating calmness. 

She flicked her braid over her shoulder and turned to face the the two occupants.


(sorry about taking so long to get back to you guys!)

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"Um, Scelance." Out of the corner of her, eye, Scelance saw a hint of movement.

Is it there? Please tell me it's there. She patted her left side, and to her relief, a her touch prompted a faint clack of metal.

She spun, and faced the source of the movement. A young woman standing behind her. "Who are you?" Timidness gone in the face of a potential threat, Scelance leaped up from her seat, faced the woman, and placed her right hand on the hilt of the sword at her waist.

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Gabriel reacted slower than Scelance. He hadn't the reaction time that she did. He smiled at the newcomer that stood in front of him.

"Don't worry. Your eyes get used to the colours. Eventually," his headache returning and starting to gnaw at his health. He winced visibly at the return of the pain.

"I hope," he muttered looking to the doors.

(No problem Sami! It's time to start brainstorming the first room. Any ideas?)

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(Yeah, great team bonding experience <_<)

Dallas faced the wide-eyed younger girl, who looked half-startled and was gripping the hilt of her sword like a half-threat. 

Her eyes took in the girl (wiry, fast reflexes, a speed runner based on the long limbs and physique, looked about 15 or 16) and moved on to the young man who was smiling, unlike the young girl who had tension written on every inch of her face.

"Hope you don't expect me to answer that one." she drawled "unless you want me to whip out my birth certificate and ID chip."

(note: I have no idea where this is set on but Dallas isn't from Earth. A world like it, maybe, but definitely not actual Earth)

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"And I'm Gave," Gabriel added off hand as he moved towards the opulent doors. The detail was exquisite, pinks, whites, and gold lined the doors, which were done with brilliant golden knobs. "Wow. Just... Wow," he muttered as he gazed upon them.

(Think a pocket dimension? It's kinda nowhere.)

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