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So many characters, so little time...


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Hopefully I'm not messing anything up by starting work on the Wiki (I couldn't find any pages at all, so I just started making them, and figured it was better to ask forgiveness than permission).  Anyway, given the number of characters involved in Brandon's works, I've made a meta-page to keep them all--http://www.17thshard.com/wiki/Dramatis_person%C3%A6.  I still haven't added the characters from Warbreaker or Way of Kings, but I think I've got all the major characters from the Mistborn Trilogy and Elantris.  I'll be working my way down the list, but if anyone else wants to jump in, I'd appreciate the help.  Also, I've been pretty bad about citations (everything I've written has been directly from the books), so if anyone wants to start throwing those in, I'd be ecstatic.

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The meta page has changed! You can now find it here.

As for format, the beginning of the page should include general, pertinent information, etc. Think of it as a sort of paragraph-long one-shot of the character. Following should be significant events in that character's story over the course of the books, etc. Check out this Wikipedia article on Wheel of Time character Egwene al'Vere for a good general format.

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