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2017-12-16 Salt Lake City Sugarhouse Signing


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Apparently we didn't have a topic on this one :) 

Most all of this signing, which I attended, is all here: https://wob.coppermind.net/events/314-salt-lake-city-signing/

There were two parts of this signing. The line ended very fast and so some people and I hung out and asked Brandon questions. One was this: https://wob.coppermind.net/events/314/#e8935 where we talked about which Shard Brandon would take, and I casually inserted Autonomy in there as making "aspects", which Brandon didn't disagree with there, as you can see.

Anyway, since the line ended fast, we all ended up walking to a nearby games shop to play a Magic draft. He literally wrote "Be back at 5" on the thing that has the Oathbringer cover on it. It was hilarious.

As we walked I turned off the recorder and asked him about this line about Autonomy. Roughly, it went:

Eric: Did you mean to imply that Autonomy wrote the second letter in Oathbringer back there, with the aspects thing?

Brandon: Yeah, I did.

He implied that he wasn't trying to make the mystery of the second letter very weird, and thought it was fairly obvious it was Autonomy.

He later said that any Shard can make these aspects, which is very cool.

Now, I would say we should use the word avatar as that's the word referenced in Oathbringer, but I used aspect in the signing. 

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1 hour ago, Chaos said:

He later said that any Shard can make these aspects, which is very cool.

Cool. Oathbringer spoiler:


Well, Evi implied that the Nightwatcher is Cultivation's avatar (though I guess whether Evi's belief is accurate is a matter of speculation).

I wonder how these aspects/avatars differ from regular Splinters, and whether Autonomy's avatars only seem special because there are way more of them.

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Added the spoiler back in.
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Interesting, it seems to me to allow a sort of Demi-god aspect to the shard where they can perhaps take up another demi vessel to hold a portion of the power. This might allow them to have greater awareness and expanded mind as a group. Like brandon has said the Shards awareness is not infinite but it is Greatly expanded. I'm assuming you may be able to expand it more with some demi-vessels

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