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I had no idea there was an official site! I learned about it because i just started listening to Warbreaker, and it talked about in the acknowledgements.

I am so freaking out right now!

I have "read" (I pretty much exclusively do audible these days it seems) the first Mistborn trilogy, Way of Kings, Words of Radiance, and book 12 and 13 of the Wheel of Time. I actually spent most of 2017 listening to the wheel of time and when i got to the end of book 13 i realized i wasn't emotionally prepared for it to be over, so I went and re-listened to the Way of Kings and Words of Radiance again instead. I don't know why, I didn't fully appreciate the magnificence of the Stormlight Archives the first time through. I loved it, but now I think it is on its way to being the best series every written.

PS: I am pathologically opposed to spoilers. I sit outside of movie theaters until the trailers are over because they give too much way. Seriously, it is neurotic. When I found this site and saw the anti-spoiler warning along the top, I almost cried with Joy.

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Likewise, a hearty welcome to you @Chadinthe801! Have an up-vote! :D

TIP: If you're reading something older like Warbreaker, there won't always be spoiler tags here, so you'll want to be careful.

But the 17th Shard is an amazingly positive community and people do respect each other's feelings re: spoilers. (Personally, I am with you: avoiding movie trailers now for films I'm really excited about.)

And ... srsly you need to start Oathbringer as soon as you finish Warbreaker!! It's even better than tWoK and WoR, and it gets better than that the second time through, and that's all I'm saying. ;)

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