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1/2 way through loving it, BUT...


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I agree this can feel annoying sometimes.  The main problem is that with multi pov books we know what everyone knows so its easy for us to say 'hey just talk and it will all work out!'   Try to put yourselves in the charcters shoes and understand why they aren't talking.  This is what I try to do and it usually helps me feel less annoyed.

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I actually screamed at my book when


That one scam chick told Kaladin that Shallan was a Horneater. Though "No. Boots." That kinda made up for it.


I swear, the actions of minor characters can make you crazy. And when that happened, I just legit screamed at the chick in the book, and I was in school at the time, and the teacher's eyes were like dinner plates. God, I get too into these books... I did not, and never will apologize for my love.

Sanderfan for life.

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Very small spoilers:

It gets better.



 Something I like (using WoT as comparison) is that I never felt any true desperation or real peril for the characters in WoT, where as in this I have several times. In WoT, by the time things were really hitting the fan, the series was ending. Things are going bad early and we have 8 more books of fighting back.

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