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Hello fellow bookworms!

Fifth Scholar

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Hello! As I saw a topic for new member introduction, I thought I’d make myself known to some of the other people crazy enough about a book series to join a fan site for it. I am a long time reader of fantasy, my favorite still being Tolkien’s universe. However, when my friend Cameron (aka Hemalurgic Headshot) mentioned that Oathbringer was coming out soon, I thought I’d try out this series. And down the rabbit hole I went. 


I started with Way of Kings, was hooked enough that I finished in three and a half days, then got straight into Words of Radiance. Since then, I’ve read all of Brandon’s Cosmere works except Emperor’s Soul and the Wax and Wayne series (my public library has Bands of Mourning and Shadows of Self but NOT Alloy of Law). However, after I find a copy of AoL, I should be able to join the rest of the Cosmere theorists. Until then, I just wanted to put myself out into the community and see what I could do here with the books I’ve already read.

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