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Last Pre-Release Hypothesis: Shallan Is Not a Davar


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In an earlier thread, I suggested Shallan acquired her shardblade from the assassin Liss, who had just killed her “mother.” I still believe that (although I will probably be proven wrong tomorrow), but I have an additional thought: The Ghostbloods stole Shallan from her true parents and gave her to the Davars because they observed her surgebinding ability and thought she would be useful to their plans.


I base this hypothesis primarily on the sketch that Shallan made right after Jasnah had killed the Kharbanth thugs. That sketch showed a long table in a lavish room where a man lay dead in a pool of blood beside a half-eaten meal. I believe this was Shallan’s real father, whom the Ghostbloods killed. She captured the memory, long-repressed, as the murderer(s) took her from the room.


Shallan felt responsibility for his death, since she was the reason the Ghostbloods killed her father. Related points:

  1. Shallan may (or may not) have killed Brightlord Davar (whom she now calls her “father”), but she tells the Cryptics she is a “murderer” because she killed Liss, as I suggest in the linked thread. She may have felt killing Davar was justified in the circumstances, perhaps to defend her brothers.
  2. Davar treated Shallan differently than her “brothers,” not only because she was the sole girl and the youngest, but also because she fit so importantly in his plans.


Just wanted to get this in before the book comes out. We’ll find out tomorrow!

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Baconfooll, my finger is itching toward those red pixels for that. Just letting you know. It hurts, Boonfoallc. It hurts.

I pressed enter knowing exactly what I was getting myself into. My urge, selfishly, was greater than the restraint required to give you the posts you deserve,  Gwimminsly. You do what you  need to do. Tonight should be one of impulse and indulgence. It is a celebration after all! The empty bottles of "reading fuel" around me agree. 


But really.... good post OP. I don't buy it, but I like it. Would be really cool if that meant the other scary creepy Davar kids were also special (or supposed to be).

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