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*Obligatory newbie post*


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Hello, it's nice to meet you :D

I actually just got into the SA this summer, and haven't even thought about exploring the rest of the universe until recently. Reasons being that I'm ever caught between not having the money and needing a physical book in order to get into the story. If that makes sense. So I've been avoiding spoilers as hard as I can until christmas happens next week when I'll be getting Oathbringer and, hopefully, some Mistborn too.

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Welcome. I'm new here as well.

Mistborn is really good. I had read it a long time ago (the first book) and then recently listened to all 6 Mistborn books a month or two ago.
I also read Elantris and then listened to Warbreaker before reading Arcanum Unbound / Edgedancer. I've come pretty much up to date with most of the cosmere stuff only recently and it was fun to actually catch on to the cross-pollination on my own in Oathbringer.

if you liked the first two, you're going to love Oathbringer!

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