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[OB] A Theory About Dawnshards


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Today while listening to OB I cam across a quote from the Rysn interlude spoken by Vistm. It reads,

“As far as scholars can tell,” Rysn said, “the King’s Drop never loses its Stormlight. A stone this large should have run out after a month. It’s something about the crystal lattice, the lack of flaws and imperfections.” “They say it’s a chunk off the Stone of Ten Dawns.” “Another story?” Rysn said. “You are a romantic.”

Upon hearing this I had this powerful eureka moment. I think that the King's Drop is a Dawnshard. It was a piece (a shard) from the Stone of Ten Dawns A stone containing ten shards of Dawn...

Then, once you take that as the meaning of Dawnshard you get to the quote about them binding any creature voidish or mortal to make sense. As that's exactly what Dalinar uses the King's Drop for. Binding a voidish creature.

I can see the part about mortals either being a problem that doesn't fit the theory, a changing of things by the church, or Rosharn superstition that didn't understand the true history. As it implies that mortals are men and the voidish are something different. Yet we know now that men are/were the voidbringers and therefore both voidish and mortal. Unless it implies it can capture heralds as well. Though I concede the dagger used by Moash was confirmed to not be a Dawnshard. Even though the gem might not have been included as part of the question or the answer.

It may also explain why they were "lost" or no longer understood in the modern world. As it is said that money changers in Shadesmar had gems that held light perfectly, as well as one of those stones that were left in Urithiru with messages in them said, "We the Elsecallers have the perfect gems. Let it be recorded." or something like that. Which would make sense. In order to get them out of people's hands they took them to the other side and left them with the spren, as I guess they assumed it was safer than in the physical realm. This is all further down the speculation highway than I'd like to go but the part about the King's Drop being a part of the Stone of Ten Dawns, making a literal shard of Dawn or a Dawnshard is very compelling in my mind.

Please let me know if you agree, or if this theory is unoriginal.

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Excellent deduction. I agree with these being the Dawnshards. If you split a perfect stone ten times, the original stone would comfortably be called the Stone of Ten Dawns. A thought on cutting large stones- to make multiple perfectly cut stones from a flawless larger one, many many smaller ones would also be cut. Each one would be flawlesss, but not necessarily cut perfectly. Are these also Dawnshards, or only the 10 perfectly cut ones? On a deeper level, it might also have to do with the 10 uninhabited planets- each having a dawn- and their effect on the magics of Roshar, but we don't know enough to do anything but speculate there. (After all, there is always another secret!) But a perfect stone of that size being cut into 10 would indeed be suspect for holding beings with spren or spren. This would cover the Unmade, the Heralds, the Listeners in any form, and anything with a Gemheart. Only Humans would appear to be exempt. You can see why finding these would become very important to the fight with Odium. 

Your comment about hiding the stones in Shadesmar (deduced from the Elsecallers' message) might also be why the Listener army seemed intent on finding a certain Cryptic that they expended much effort to find at the Kolins' Palace (and which it appears was very important for Hoid to find). Perhaps he knows the location for some of the other stones? Could be...

On a slight tangent, If Rayse can control the Roshar portion of Shadesmar with the Fused, can he also take over the rest of Shadesmar? Is this why "worlds"" would be at risk if certain secrets were known?

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