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OB: Nale's decision


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So I'm a little confused as to what Nale is trying to accomplish on Roshar.

In the first 2 books, Nale aka Darkness to us then, was traveling from one end of Roshar to the other murdering proto Radiants. At this time we also learn that it's because Surgebinders risk returning Desolation.  So Nale is actively working to prevent the return of the Voidbringers/Fused.

 At the end of OB however, the Herald of Justice determines to side with the Fused. 

How in the storms are these to objectives consecutive priorities? It could be argued that Nale for forced ,morally, to wait until the Fused were cognizant and had returned. Meaning it would be foolish to join parshmen locked in slave form; on the grounds it's theor home.

But then Nale would have been on the side of the Fused during previous Desolations. Since Roshar dosnt have legends of Superman going dark side, it's safe to say that wasn't the case.


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Remember, Nale is a little bit (or a lot) crazy.  Humans were the current law of the land until the Fused arrived.  Now that they're back, and are sapient, the law of the land is technically *their* law, so he has to follow them, now.

Or something like that.

Previous Desolations, he wasn't nuts.

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Yeah good point about Nale’s actions...He is probably the character who frustrates me the most on Roshar. He tells Szeth that it would be unwise to swear to him for his next ideal.... and he repeatedly says that he’s getting worse. Turning on his own kind right now and literally working FOR Odium is cause to raise an eyebrow.... his warped sense of justice and following the law has completely overshadowed any shred of actual honor as well as common sense. He’s acting like he just now is finding out that the fused are the natives. I bet that Nale meets a sticky end at the beginning of book 4.... his new “friends” will easily ambush/kill him with the same knife that ended Jezrien.

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