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Every Misting Can Compound


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I am rereading Mistborn right now, and I got to this passage, where Vin burns one of Sazed's metalminds:


I…can feel the power, Saze. It’s faint—far beyond my grasp—but I swear that there’s another reserve within me, one that only appears when I’m burning your metal.”
Sazed frowned. “It’s faint, you say? Like…you can see a shadow of the reserve, but can’t access the power itself?”
Vin nodded. “How do you know?”
“That’s what it feels like when you try to use another Feruchemist’s metals, Mistress,” Sazed said, sighing. “I should have suspected this would be the result. You cannot access the power because it does not belong to you.”

I don't think we've fully grappled with what this means - using unkeyed metalminds, any Allomancer will be able to compound. 

That DRAMATICALLY increases the power of Mistings, provided they have access to unkeyed metalminds. Every gold Misting can compound healing, every steel Misting can compound speed, etc. 

Another important impact here is that it makes Allomancy a team sport. A Misting with the support of a powerful organization (perhaps the Set) would have a huge advantage over a Misting trying to operate on their own. It also makes previously useless Mistings useful all of a sudden, provided they can get the metalminds.

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