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[OB] Dalinar's Blade


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Dalinar did something to operate the Oathgate when he left Thaylen City. Did he:

A. Summon the Stormfather as a blade. 

B. Summon a piece of the Stormfather as a blade.

C. Do something with Connection and the Spren of the Oathgate.

D. Something we don't know about yet.



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2 hours ago, QuantumSpren said:

I believe that he pulled power from the spiritual realm (he reached into somewhere beyond places) and used it to activate the Oathgate. As he had not said his third oath yet, it likely strained his bond with the Stormfather (like when Kaladin fell into the chasms in WoR.

Straining the bond seems a likely candidate to me, either that or option C. The Oathgate spren tell Shallan that either Honor or the Stormfather locked the Shadesmar-Physical realm function of the Oathgate with instructions not to unlock it. Perhaps there is a similar "law" in place ensuring only living shardblades can be used to activate the Oathgates and Dalinar forced the lock in a way. I don't think he formed an actual blade, I think he just stuffed a bunch of power in. 

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