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[OB] A theory about Rocks future.


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Rock is going to be the second Bondsmith.


His people are closer to cultivation than most and he can see spren even large ones. He as most people seem to have worked out is on a path to being a king.


Rock has an innate ability to hold people together and he takes pride in doing so. Bridge 4 almost seem to be held together by him at times; he is looked to by the members as someone to talk with if they feel as if they don’t fit.


I think he will have a need to bond with the Nightwatcher to help him take his homeland back. The place that has cultivation’s shard pool.


Granted he is a squire wind runner but has bonded no spren. His oath may be to leave one small group to help all groups. Leave bridge 4 to help his people then them to help the world. Dalinar can bring people together but I think Rock can hold them together.


This seems like a small possibility but one that I think could fit.

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