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Quick thing I've noticed in the art from Oathbringer.  Copied below in spoilers.  The Glyph for eternal in the glyphpair naming the Everstorm - that is the glyph Kalad.


Wasn't Vasher, a semi-eternal, undying returned, known as Kalad at one point?  Specifically, Kalad's Phantom's in reference to the army of Lifeless he created?


I though that was neat.  I wonder which influenced which, or is this one of the neat little coincidences that occur often in the Cosmere.


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Have a WoB about that @Stark.



Kalad and Kalak, Shashara and Shalash...a lot of names on Nalthis and Roshar seem related....pure coincidence?

Brandon Sanderson

There is a lot of crossover between the planets. But not every connection people make is an intentional one.

1 minute ago, rdog2213 said:

Also means that Kaladin's name is something like "Born unto Eternity". Pretty cool!

We actually knew what Kaladin's name meant already, but we didn't know what part of the name neat what, so we did learn something new.



Did Kaladin’s name come from anywhere in particular?

Brandon Sanderson

No. I'm sure the word paladin was in the back of my head, but it's not like he shares much with like an actual paladin. His name was Merin in the initial version and it was-- it didn't work, he wasn't a Merin and all the fans-- all the readers were like "this name just doesn't work" so I spent years hunting for the right name for him, and that's the one I ended up with. It's really based-- it's Kalak, which is the Storm-- not really the Stormfather but people y'know. Most of the names you'll find are based off one of the Heralds in some way. So he's KALA + DIN, Kalak and din is a suffix.

Isaac Stewart

We do have a meaning for it though. It means "Born unto Eternity".

Brandon Sanderson

...I mean, it means that in the same way that names mean something, like my name means-- But when they're naming him that they aren't thinking that. What they are doing is picking one of the Heralds and making a name out of it. But my name technically means "Dweller by the Beacon", but really what it means is "He was the son of Alexander".

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@The One Who Connects I was aware of the WOB - I was speculating as to whether this was an intentional link versus a coincidental one.  I admittedly had not even thought of how the glyph Kalad could apply to Kaladin.


I know want to read a scene where Zahel and Kaladin share a few beers and talk of the ghosts in their pasts.  


It would make sense that Vasher would have taken the name Kalad after visiting Roshar and learning of Shardblades and glyphs, realizing that he is eternal as long as he does not get killed or run out of investiture.


Crazy theory time - Nalthis is the Tranquiline Halls that the Voidbringers kicked humanity (or at least the Rosharan tribe of humanity) out of.  The voidbringers were super human beings of power that ate the souls of men, and the Returned, who literally eat the souls of men, are the basis for the Voidbringer mythos.  The first humans on Roshar were Worldhoppers from Nalthis trying to escape the returned.  THen Odium came in and messed up the listeners, making them the new Voidbringers.


Entirely false.  But imagine the reaction if Roshar finds out that Vasher survives on investiture, and on his home planet, that literally means consuming souls.


Worth noting: I have not read beyond part  1 yet, so I'm likely missing info.

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