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[OB] Horneaters Part-Listener

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Theory makes sense. They can see spren, and in OB, Rock is seen "humming his mother's song to a beat he could almost, just faintly hear" (p. 383). This seems like a Listener rhythm, especially when you add in their spren-seeing ability (even the 'invisible' ones), and their respect (calling spren gods, similarly to how Listeners call (some) spren gods).

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5 minutes ago, natc said:

I thought it was established fact?

Pretty much this. Don't we have a WoB on it?

EDIT: Yup.




I didn't realize horneaters had parshmen blood, didn't even realize that was possible. How closely are humans and parshmen related, do they have a common ancestor? Or is one an artificially created version of the other?

Brandon Sanderson

There was intermixing long ago. Horneaters and Herdazians are both a result. (Signs of this are the stone carapace on Herdazian fingernails and the Horneater extra jaw pieces--in the back of the mouth--for breaking shells.)

Humans and parshmen don't have a common ancestor. And as a side note, both of these strains of humanoids predate the ascension of Honor, Cultivation, and Odium.



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