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So, I could not determine if there is already a plan for sources like this, but a couple of days ago Brandon did an interview with a newpaper in Utah. It not only includes answers to general questions about being an author, and the process of writing Oathbringer, but fan questions as well:


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There are a number of these sorts of interviews in Arcanum, as their own events. What we'll typically do is pull out anything good and give it entries, without spending a lot of time transcribing general questions or the stuff Brandon has said many times before. I think we identified a half-dozen or so new entries from this interview, but we haven't gotten around to adding it or creating an event for it. (I dont know if you heard or not, but there's a new book coming out soon! That's been keeping us all busy.) Thanks for bringing it up; this interview is in the middle of our work process.

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