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[OB] Pattern of connections between the Knights Radiant?


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As much as I want to write about Kaladin and Dalinar’s relationship and parallel themes in the books so far, I think I might wait and see what Oathbringer brings as far as insight in this mentor/mentee relationship before I write a post. Something I thought I would touch on instead is along a similar line: the relationships between the Knights Radiant to each other.


There seems to be a potential pattern forming, a link so to speak, between the Knights Radiant. I doubt this is consistent through all of them, but it is something I wanted to explore a little bit as a way of seeing if there are any other patterns that might develop. Much of this comes from the chart that Sanderson has of all the connections between the Radiants. But first a couple of disclaimers in this.


I have been reading the sample chapters for Oathbringer, so I will be using examples from that in this post, hence the Oathbringer spoiler tag.


Secondly, much of this is very much speculation. I do not think I have all of this right nor do I expect it to go down exactly this way. I see patterns in things (much like Shallan I guess) and I am merely applying that to the Knight’s Radiant graft. There is no expectation that Sanderson will follow a pattern, it is merely an observation of mine that I would like to share. So here it goes…


By the end of WoR I noticed that certain connections have occurred between the Radiants who also either share a surge or share a link on the chart Sanderson made. I still suck at this reddit stuff and have no idea how to add the chart to this post, but you all probably know where to find one so I will count on you guys to pull it up. Sorry!


The first thing that stands out with the graft is that four of the KR have lines connecting them to three others. These are the windrunners, lightweavers, stonewards, and egedancers. The remaining KR are all connected to only three others. I think all of them, with the exception of bondsmiths, can fill certain categories when related to their connected KR. I also think that the KR that have four lines connecting them rather than three are somehow important. Not saying that they are more important than the others as far as characters go, just that they serve maybe a special purpose compared to the others.


Much of this theory of mine comes from what we know about Shallan and Kaladin, but the others can fit as well. So let’s start with what we know about Windrunners, specifically Kaladin. He is connected to bondsmiths, lightweavers, edgedancers, and skybreakers. Kaladin’s mentor is Dalinar, a bondsmith. And he has a developing close friendship and mutual understanding with Shallan, a lightweaver. We also know from WoB as well as from WoR that Kaladin will not get along with Szeth, a supposed skybreaker. Because skybreakers follow law and winderunners follow what they perceive as honorable and right, they clash. And he will likely not get along with Szeth specifically because of their obvious history. Although I must admit that the last Kaladin chapter that was shared was great because it showed he is capable of putting the past behind him and moving forward for the good of Roshar. So maybe he and Szeth have a chance, but I doubt it. The last connection for Kaladin will be with Lift, and edgedancer. They obviously haven’t met yet, but with some of the indications I see from Oathbringer with Dalinar wanting to make contact with Azir, I can see Lift joining in Uruthiru pretty soon. Based on personality alone I could see Kaladin wanting to watch over a young Lift and want to become a mentor for her himself.


Shallan’s four connections are to elsecallers, windrunners, truthwatchers, and stonewards. Her mentor, Jasnah, is an elsecaller and as previously mentioned she has a kinship with Kaladin. There are indications at the end of WoR and in the sample chapters so far for Oathbringer that Shallan thinks Renarin is strange and doesn’t feel comfortable around him. This could be the beginnings of a mild, yet present, antagonistic relationship between the two of them. Throw in some interesting developments on how things go down with Adolin and his behavior following the murder of Sadeas, and the already odd relationship between Shallan and Renarin could sour more. Shallan’s relationship with a stoneward is up in the air at this point. Taln is set up to be the series stoneward as the Herald. He is clearly not in his right mind at this point and Shallan has already met him. Given that we know the lightweavers were the order to provide “spiritual sustenance,” Shallan’s relationship to Taln might be in the form of bringing him back into his right mind and giving him a reason to fight in the upcoming Desolation. Given everything he has likely been through, this would be a difficult and daunting task, and likely the main aspect of his potential arc as a character.


Lift is an edgedancer and because of this she is also connected to four other KR: windrunners, truthwatchers, stonewards, and dustbringers. We have already mentioned the relationship with Kaladin, but I think the more important relationship Lift will have will be with Renarin the truthwatcher. I could see them bonding over both feeling like outsiders amongst the KR but also in a way that Kaladin and Shallan have bonded in that they appear so different on the outside, but share many of the same feelings and experiences. A relationship with Taln the stoneward would be more interesting and open for debate. I think a natural nemesis for someone like Lift would be the dustbringer, no matter who it is. Lift can heal and grow things whereas, although little is known about dustbringers at this point, what is known is that they can ignite things, or destroy. It seems that someone who heals and creates life will naturally conflict with someone who burns and destroys.


So I assume by now you are catching my pattern. One mentor/mentee relationship, one nemesis, and one or two (depending on the KR) close relationships. To note, special relationship by no means is referring to a romance. I’m just referring to a close bond formed between the two characters. I feel like if you run through all that we know so far this concept could easily fit for any of the KR-except for the bondsmiths.


Bondsmiths are inherently meant to bond people, and we see this in Shallan’s chapter of Oathbringer.  She feels a draw to Dalinar and they are able to combine their powers together. Based on this information along and the relationships Dalinar already has with his connected KR, I don’t think he will be able to fit with the pattern I have theorized. Dalinar is meant to be a glue that holds them all. And this makes sense from many aspects, including the already formed relationships he has with the KR either familially (is that a word? Lol) or not. He is told to “unite them” and he thinks this means the countries of Roshar but it really means the KR. He won’t have any bad relationships with any of them personally. He will just be the Dad.

So what do you think? Am I on to something or just looking for something that isn’t there? Anyone have any other ideas on relationships of the KR, known or potential? I purposefully left out must of the speculation for the unknown radiants as that was not what this post was meant to be about. I know that would open up a whole other topic on the subject. It is not one I am opposed to personally but figured I would leave it for others to consider in the comments section. I hope this is appropriately tinfoil-y to be some fun speculation!

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Any chance it is sort of what they do? I don't have that chart, but edgedancers were sort of battlefield medics, windrunners and stonewards were the two entirely military orders, and lightweavers for moral. Could the other groups be knowledge and administration?  That covers the three main issues I can see following a desolation and at the start of a new one. And besides, while we don't know much about the elsecallers, Jasnah at least is a scholar and the skybreakers fit amazingly into administration, and bondsmiths probably do to.

to clarify: the first four filled crucial roles in armies, skybreakers and bondsmiths and unknown for administration, and elsecallers + two others for maintaining knowledge and research.

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This is very possible. But i guess i was just looking for patterns in the actual chart itself.

I do see what you are saying though and its a great point. Each order fulfills specific duties during and after the desolations. I could definitely see this happening as the series unfolds as Brandon seems to have everything so planned out in advance and so well thought out. 

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