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Would it be weird to change my Display Name?  

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  1. 1. Would it be weird to change my Display Name?

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I had done a few name changes before when I was active back around Words of Radiance, but now it's been set as Fifth of Daybreak for almost four years if not more so. Would it be weird for you guys if I changed my name? I'm fairly sure I had my display name as Smoochie at one point, which has been pretty much an official nickname for me since high school (some teachers called me Smoochie and still would if I were to run into them) and Smoochieloo is pretty universal across a lot of my other accounts. I liked the idea of using a more modernized naming from "Sixth of the Dusk" as I come from a large family. Would it be weird to change my name away from the Brandon Sanderson theme?

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