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Szeth and the Voidbringers.


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Maybe this has been covered before, and if so feel free to share the link.


On my most resent reread of TWoKs I noticed this passage.


Prologue : "To Kill" pg 24. The "he" referred to in the passage is Szeth. He is comparing how his body holds stormlight with Voidbringers ability. Bold text added by me.



He had heard that the Voidbringers could hold it in perfectly. But, then, did they even exist? His punishment declared that they didn’t. His honor demanded that they did.


That is an interesting dichotomy. It could be read as though he is being punished by his people and religion for not letting go of a belief in the existence of the Voidbringers.


Reguardless, his punishment demands that they do not exist. All right, so then what will happen when Szeth learns for certain that they do exist? Will he let go of his punishment because it is wrong? If he learns the truth before finishing his mission, maybe he won't kill Dalinar then?

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That's been my main assumption about Szeth's punishment is that he went against some deep set belief about the existence of Voidbringers or the Radiants which made him "truthless". The central theme of his plot is that he has to kill people despite hating the act himself on order to keep his honor and hold to his punishment. It seems like the most satisfying resolution would be for him to discover that he is in fact correct about the voidbringers, the shin are wrong, and that he doesn't "deserve" his punishment. I think he'll still have a confrontation with Kaladin, ending with Szeth being run off but not dying. Something during the fight though will cause him to realize he was right and to seriously doubt if he really is "truthless".

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