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Shardplate for the People!

Head Crabs

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Not a theory this time! 


We have several instances where dalinar ponders the wisdom of only having shardplate and blade for people who are warriors. Particularly when he decides to dig a latrine instead of meeting up with navani. 


Let's just assume that we're working with some dead spren blades and plate to avoid any of the ethical obligations revolving around being a radiant. 


What kinds of jobs do you think could be made easier/safer with the use of a full set of shards? Do you work anywhere that could really use a set of shards?


My first instinct was mining (not a long journey, i know) purely for the potential protection from cave-ins and the precision of a shardblade for sampling or testinng areas of rock for excavation. 


What dangerous work, and why?

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Azir doesnt appear to have the same hang ups as alethkar does, they rented shardearers/blades


(it says blades in edgedancer but i have to imagine that the man bonded to it comes along to swing it for you? Or did they equip a team of miners with priceless relics?!)

to carve out the city of Yeddaw approximately 100 years ago. Im going to assume that people everywhere have different traditions relating to who can use them and how. 

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Rock climbing-wait that's not a job

Lumber cutting, the Plate in case you say "Timber!" too late

Tug of rope-wait that's not a job

Building stuff real fast, Shardplate for lifting and Shardblade for cutting stuff into sections fast

If it was a


living Shardblade

then gemstone cutting would be remarkably efficient-make a



or sommat.

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