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Creation of Fabrials cause of the Recreance?


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I don't know if I'm the first to think this but...


I was reading some topics about fabrials, and coupled with some new information we know, humanity betrayed the spren, thus why they removed themselves from the world.


I'm theorizing that when fabrials were created, trapping spren within them to use, was seen as the spren as a betrayal. I don't know about you, but trapping something to use it against its will isn't really a good thing. Could this be why they left? 

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That is a new thought... my gut leans towards no, but there may be some truth to this. 


Thought process of the Radiants could have been something like, "we asked you not to do this, yet you persisted anyway, so we're done here."


My only problem with this idea, is that when the Recreance happened, the Nahel bond with the intelligent spren and KR was severed. That is what the ethereal screaming is theorized to be when they give up their Blades and Plate. I find it hard to imagine that KR severing those bonds is helpful or a useful protest against non-KR trapping Spren in Fabrials. 

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This deals with WoR information! You should spoiler it or get it moved to the Words of Radiance subforum.


I'd theorize that the Recreance caused humanity to stop thinking about the 'honorable' Knights Radiant and instead think of them as dishonorable, and this had a side-effect of killing off a lot of Nahel spren (since spren are based on humanity's perceptions).

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1. We theorize that what we heard discussed about "Regrowth" was due to a Fabrial, there isn't confirmation of that yet. 

2. If it is a Fabrial at work (which it probably is), it is un-recognizable to Dalinar, so it may or may not work in the same way as "modern" tWoK era Fabrials. 


EDIT: I do think the idea has some merit, but more as a contributing factor than the main cause. 


@Moogle - I'm not 100% sold that the higher orders of Spren are based on humanity's perception of them. Lesser spren, yes, we've seen that in action with the measuring interlude. Either way, the timing of the screams and giving up of the Blade/Plate seems too close to me to be based on other humans perceptions having any effect. Those in the Keep were bewildered and had no idea what was going on until the KR started taking their armor off and walking away. Plus the would have had to have timed their turning over the Blades and Plate to exactly coincide with the mass change or the tipping point in Greater Rosharian Perspective or the Windrunner wouldn't have been able to "fly" down to Feverstone keep


Even then they still don't know or understand so it became a "betrayal", as that is the only way the rest of humanity can think of or explain away the event. I really don't think human perception really applies to these sentient spren. 

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