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Worldhopper who just discovered this Perpendicularity


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Good afternoon, all.  I'm a long time lurker who just joined a couple of days ago as I've reached the point where I have to have someone to talk through Cosmere stuff with!

As for who I am - Texas boy born and raised, now living in Austin with my family.  My wife and I have three kids widely separated by age, with the oldest in his senior year of high school and the youngest still almost three years from kindergarten.  My oldest is autistic, something of an artist and a connoisseur of all things Cars and VeggieTales.  My middle (and only daughter) is a voracious reader and dancer, talker extraordinaire who never met a stranger, ever.  My youngest is a hybrid giraffe/dinosaur/lion who knows the names of most of the kinds of animals already and is working on species.  He's also a bulldozer dancer gigglemaniac.

My wife and I (23 years!) are both bookworms and into music - we had just met at church and she needed a piano tutor...and the rest was history! I do IT work during the week and pastor youth on the weekends.  We love to travel when we are able and have a to go list that is so long I don't think I could do it all if I were a billionaire, but such is life. :)  I -love- reading works that challenge and fire my imagination.  I even drew up a map of a fictional world out of my head, complete with history and all that I hope eventually to turn into a written work. When I have time...

As far as how I got into Brandon's work...well, I grew up on all manner of things but what stuck to me most was Tolkien's entire legendarium - I kinda cringingly admit that I know the Silmarillion as well as I know LOTR.  That let me into Riftwar and other Feist works, Terry Brooks, Melanie Rawn, and a whole slew of other things that culminated in the Wheel of Time.  When Robert Jordan passed and the announcement that Brandon Sanderson would be picking up his work and finishing it, a friend loaned me Elantris so I could get a feel for him.   I didn't read anything else by him aside from the WoT titles until after that was over and done.  Somewhere in there I picked up one of the illustrated trade paperbacks of Way of Kings at a Half Price bookstore. I devoured that in about 5 hours; when Words of Radiance came out I got a hardback and read it something like four or five times in the first month I had it.  My wife got me the first four Mistborn books for Christmas, did those in about 12 days, which led me to Warbreaker and White Sands and the Arcanum Unbounded collection. 

In all of that I'd been kind of peripherally aware that the Cosmere overlay the whole of Brandon's work, but it didn't really click for me until one of my rereads of Words of Radiance, when something about Zahel twigged my attention, as well as an odd blade late in that book.  Which led to me theorizing who Zahel was, who Darkness was and what the sword was and whether I'd seen some people before which led to me finding the copper mind wiki and this site and I'm hooked!

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1 minute ago, CaptainRyan said:

You read Way of Kings in FIVE hours? Welp, we have our first confirmed Bendalloy misting irl. :) 


I did...and that's unusual even for me.  I tend to read at 120-140 pages an hour, but something about that book...sheesh.  Thus, why I got addicted.

and I lol'ed :D Thankee, if only I were a rl mistborn instead of just a bendalloy misting!

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