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Why send Death Rattles?

Toaster Retribution

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We love Death Rattles, and so does Taravangian. They help us see some of the future, and hint at things to come. Which is precisely why I wonder why the Unmade is sending them. Why would Odium give hints about what is to come through his Unmade? Seems storming stupid to me. There has to be something fishy going on here, but what?

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I don't know if the OB's stuff has some counterproof.

But I think the Unmade is not sending prophecy but instead the Death Rattles are side effects of his effort to say the future.

He feed of Soul's Investiture to see in the Spiritual...The Dying guy see the future too as a side effect through the Unmade's bond

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16 minutes ago, Toaster Retribution said:


I won't talk about it then, there's a single spoken line in that makes me believe the same as Yata. 

I think that Moelach is intercepting souls as they cross over and extracting information from them. The interaction is a two way street that allows the dying to see into the spiritual and spout off the rattles. 

So I think that Odium is getting more out of the death rattles than we are. Especially when you consider that, other than Taravangian, who takes them seriously? To most they are just the incoherent ramblings of the dying. 

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